The Homesman

I recently re-watched The Homesman. I must have been drunk the first time I watched it because, upon second viewing, I was appalled at the stark reality playing out before my eyes. Read the plot if you haven’t seen the movie or read the book. Anyway, after watching it again recently I stumbled across this new study from the University of Washington and it reminded me of what I was experiencing during that second viewing. See, Mary Bee was indeed a very strong female lead, but throughout the tale you see her needing to lean on Briggs. Not to mention her being turned down for marriage twice for being too bossy and plain. And in the end she begs for sex with Briggs, hangs herself, and then her tombstone winds up being dumped in the river.


How Was Your Summer?


Spoon Vision


Dear teacher,
On the first day of school,
When you ask me how my summer was,
You’re assuming that is was good.
You’re assuming it was
something remarkable,
Something incredible,
Something shareable,
Something fun.

And maybe it was.

Maybe I went to Six Flags.
And maybe I flew in an airplane.
And maybe I went on vacation to the beach
with my mom and my dad and my sister
(but we left our dog at home,
so my Uncle Dennis came over every day)
Maybe I participated in the summer
reading program at the metro library,
and I read four books above my grade level.
And maybe I got to spend a lot of time with
my mom because she is a teacher like you.
Maybe, just maybe, I had a pass to the pool.
Or maybe I interned at the zoo.
Or maybe I went to STEM camp,

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Emotional Effects Of Parkinson’s Disease

My daughters’ journey as caregivers for someone with Parkinson’s Disease.

An Honest Look at Parkinson's Disease

We wanted to talk about the emotional and mental effects of Parkinson’s, because the mental health of both the patient and caregivers can have so much influence on symptoms. Not only are symptoms increased when negative emotions run rampant, but the disease itself causes so much pain and confusion, creating a “vicious cycle.”

When H and I(M) visit our grandma, we usually go with a mixture of anxiety and joy. We love this wonderful woman who raised us, so much! She is an amazing person. Some of her best attributes include humor, strength, wisdom, liveliness, generosity, and spunk. However, these qualities often become hidden behind her symptoms. On bad days, which happen more often than not now, she is exhausted and struggles to even lay down comfortably. Here eyes aren’t clear and her body will not let her rest. Where she was once eager to talk and play games, she…

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Bitch Please – 2017

Acrylic on extra large recycled cardboard piece. Yeah, well, I’ve been fucking busy creating like a mad woman. I’m not posting them on here mostly because I can’t be bothered when I’m covered in paint. Here’s a sample of what I’m up to. I do have several different projects going on.

This piece is inspired by the female form — and current events. Expect more like this I’m sure.
bitch please medium.jpg