>> The sheeple made me do it…

Facebook has turned into a nightmare. Nothing but sheeple spitting out one bland post after another. Can’t stand it anymore. So I’m here now. Where no one can bother me and I can speak my mind and not get sucked into the whole abyss that I like to call the “Dumbing Down of “Merica.” I’m an editor. I read and pour over scientific and technical articles all day long. I would rather be sunning myself somewhere beautiful, but in order to eke out a living I’m forced to sit behind a computer for 12-14 hours a day. No life. No fun. Nothing but internet. All day. Every day. (Vacation? What’s that?) I’ve become far too familiar with my television. Seen it all. Boring. What to do? So here is me, in a moment of what I like to call “frusted.” Beyond frustrated.


More to come I suppose. Expect science, big words, and the odd “I told you so” type of post. And some food on occasion. Man cannot live on air and the internet after all.


4 thoughts on “>> The sheeple made me do it…

  1. Social media is now so irksome, monochrome…dullsville! How come so many people are using this mind-numbing form of “communication?” It’s because they are bored and searching for that which they cannot define themselves.

    But we need interaction as human beings. But more, sun, evening ice cream trips, face-to-face talks, and walking around the neighborhood would be more stimulating I believe.

    Want excitement? Wait for it…”on line dating!” Now that’s the ticket to punch 🙂


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    1. Yeah, social media has quickly become a pain for me. But I have to stay on it due to all the sites I work with. Plus, since I’m agoraphobic and don’t see people outside the home, Facebook is really one of the only ways I can keep up. 😉


      1. Started about 7-8 years ago and has been steadily getting worse. I’m working towards getting through it on my own…no meds because I don’t believe in medicating. I prefer grit and determination over being a zombie suffering from drug side effects. I’ve already been away from my home twice in a month, for about an hour each time. It’s difficult, but I’m getting there. Makes it impossible to find a job LOL My last job was work from home for 15 years.


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