when dinner can’t come soon enough

Drove myself insane yesterday. Sometimes dinner just takes too long to prepare. I’m one of those “hoverers” when it comes to cooking.

dinner sputniksStarted by getting the Sputniks ready. Thick onion sliced and skewered with tooth picks to keep them in one piece on the grill. Here’s where I usually slather them in BBQ sauce. But this time there was none. So I used my “pantry magic” to piece something together. Little bit of this, little bit of that, some beer, voila! Turns out I need to remember exactly what I did because the marinade would be PERFECT on pork cops with some Granny Smith Apple slices. Just grill and marinate, turn and repeat, turn and repeat, etc. Takes about 20-25 minutes on a hot grill. Gotta keep them as wet as possible though.

dinner steaks

Then comes the cow. Just do it like you do it. Everyone has their magic ways of dealing with beef. Only you really know whats best for your tastebuds. Grill those puppies up good! I like mine practically raw on the inside, what some would call very rare. You can burn yours if you want. To each his own.

dinner eat

Serve with whatever sides you want. This is where the hoverer in me comes in. Stir and taste. Stir and taste. Chew on a roll while I stir and taste. So frustrating to wait when you know the goodness to come.




Love, Lola


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