Telecommuting….time to clean the desk?

If you’re like me and work from a home office, you know how things can pile up on your desk. And, like me, you may be of the mindset that dictates “move it aside and wipe it from your memory for now.” However, I just took stock of my desk space. It’s really telling.

To my left…

1. 2 pairs of reading glasses.
2. iPhone headphones
3. My 2nd box of Kleenex in a month
4. Notes. And by notes I mean piles of misc papers with scribbles on them. They’re important right?
5. Hotspot device (because Time Warner always goes down)
6. Box of Claritin (I know)
7. Ear wash for my cats (because that has to be handy. There’s no way to clean a cat’s ears unless you’re ready to surprise them at a moments notice)
8. Earache meds for me (go figure)
9. Motrin (must have)
10. Fly swatter (you have no idea how much this comes in handy when you live in Texas)
11. Markers and pens
12. A tree seed on a piece of cardboard (I’m saving it for the Lorax)

To my right…

1. Green porcelain piggy filled with lighters and cigarettes (must have)
2. Flea drops for the dog and cats (more furkid surprises)
3. Cork coaster (for coffee, drippy glasses of ice water – and beer of course)
4. Remotes for everything
5. Dew rag (because we all need that for bad hair days)
6. Junk mail to throw at the cats when they get bored
7. Water bottle (for when said cats get wonky)
8. Air freshener (for when I need to feel like I’m in a field of flowers)
9. Candle and flashlight for power outages (it happens here more than you know)

I would post a pic, but it would be too embarrassing. What does your desk contain?

Love, Lola


One thought on “Telecommuting….time to clean the desk?

  1. On my desk (wishing I could telecommute)

    To my left:
    1. Various forms for students
    2. A Picture of my grandparents from high school
    3. My current work assignment
    4. A copy of Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them and a copy of Menagerie (
    6.Various animal miniatures
    7. Leah (my cool coworker)

    To my right:
    1. Various Halloween party snacks awaiting my consumption
    2. A porcelain elephant with hand sanitizers (you wouldn’t believe the amount of children that students bring in with them, forcing me to use these often)
    3.More various animal miniatures
    4.Rock collection
    5.Notepads/Sticky notes
    6.Amy’s (another cool worker) ivy plant
    7.Limp anniversary flowers from my husband
    8.Coffee cup and tea cup(necessary necessary necessary)
    9.Adding machine

    Wow, that is ALOT

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