VuePod: 3D immersive visualization environment

Drooling over this. Is it too late to take up an engineering degree at BYU?
VuePod 1
Welcome to Brigham Young University’s VuePod, a 3D immersive visualization environment run by BYU’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Student-built and operated, under the supervision of civil engineering professor Dan Ames, the VuePod is changing the way engineers are viewing environmental engineering challenges.
VuePod 2
VuePod allows users to virtually fly over, wander through or hover above 3D environments that are otherwise difficult to visit. The images are created by point data from aircraft equipped with LIDAR (think RADAR, but with lasers). The LIDAR scans the landscape and records millions of data points that are then viewed as an image on the VuePod. Point data can also be created from stitched-together photographs taken from low-cost drones.

Ames details how BYU was able to build such a powerful system for so little in a new paper published by the Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering.


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