Dreaming of Pregnancy – Something New Perhaps?


Last night I had a very vivid dream of being 6 months pregnant, although I wasn’t showing at all. Now, you must first understand that I have NOT been sexually active in almost two years. (We women have this awful stage of life we are forced to go through called menopause. Blech!) That being said, in the dream, I was accepting of the fact that I was pregnant, but I still couldn’t figure out who the father was seeing as I had not “done the deed” with anyone.

I was also working for a high-end doctors office, although I can’t recall the practice. I was in the head doctor’s truck for some reason because he was out of town (spiffy, shiny vehicle too I might add). I think this was more of a random side-note in my dream and had no meaningful context, just the setting.

Now, during my dream, 3 men came forward claiming the child just had to be theirs and I was forced to wrangle with the decision of who I would give the honors to. Near the end of the dream I was in the truck with one of the men on the side of a freeway, although I can’t recall which one. Someone in a white truck pulled up, and at this point I woke up.

Being the curious person I am, I had to look it up first thing this morning. I checked a few sources, of course. Almost all dealt with creativity. My personal favorite is this one by the folks at dreamdictionarynow.com.

They suggest that, “The dream itself suggests that some aspect of yourself or your personal life is still in the growth and development phase. It could be an idea you had that is still growing and developing but which you are not quite ready to reveal to the world…” (You can read the full definition here…)

VERY INTERESTING. I was recently laid off from my editorial position after 15 years. New owners wanted new blood, and really the team deserved a fresh, new approach. And I was getting tired of the 12-14 daily grind 7 days a week. Hurts to be let go, but at the same time, my mind reels with all the new possibilities. At my age, a fresh start is more than welcome, although daunting.

So perhaps I’ve got 6 months worth of thought processes and creative ideas rattling around in the old noodle.

One can only hope, right?

Love, Lola


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