Branches and a Knife

branches 004I have to take the knife to Branches soon. Let me tell you, this is the one part about creating that makes me nervous as hell. You work for weeks on something, start to cut it up, and all kinds of shit can go wrong. That may be why I’ve been taking so long on the shading part. Just thinking about it makes my hands start to shake a little.

Then there’s the coloring and layering and collage part of it all. Argh!

Buck up, Lola! You can do this!


Funnest Room Ever?

ball pit

Would you turn your bedroom into one huge ball pit? I would…and this Rice University student did too!

When U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials learned that Rice University senior David Nichol had imported 26 fairly large boxes containing 13,000 plastic colored balls from China, they decided to investigate the contents due to the sheer bizarreness of the order.

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Drunken Pig and Apples

After a crappy start to my day yesterday, I finally calmed down enough to whip up a veritable feast. Played around with a few of my old recipes and did some pantry surfing and came up with this…

apple pig 003Not sure about what to call it, so Drunken Pig it shall remain. Basically this is two pork tenderloins sandwiched around a red wine apple, onion and garlic chutney, then wrapped in weaved bacon strips and topped with sliced Granny Smith apples. Everything then gets drenched in honey and more red wine (generous amount of course – drink for the pig, drink for the chef). Served it up on a community platter with saffron rice and beets. Mmm Mmmm GOOD!

Love, Lola

Agoraphobia means fighting with yourself and there’s never a clear winner

Image Credit: MataHariii via DeviantArt
Image Credit: MataHariii via DeviantArt

I hate this crap! I hate it so much!

I promised The Man that I would go to the museum with him today for his birthday. Been willing myself to make it happen all week. But nooooo! I’ve been awake since 2am with that old familiar feeling…that knot in my chest and stomach, hands shaking, heart pounding.

Let me tell you, this is no way to live. It’s just a damn museum. A small one. One that I’m sure would be empty of crowds of people at noon on a Thursday. But here I am…shaking, palpitating, screaming inside myself at myself.

What happened to me? I used to be the type of person you couldn’t keep at home. I always had to be somewhere doing something.

:: sigh :: Guess I lost yet another fight with myself.

EDIT: It may be time really soon to talk to a mental health professional and get some medication for my sorry ass.

Image Credit: MataHariii via DeviantArt. Go check out more of their work!