Blogs I Follow – My Favorites of the Week (January 4-9, 2015)

gayle at deskYes, I do follow and read your blogs! 😉

Anne Warren, I must say that your collages continue to inspire me. Keep up the wonderful work! The latest you posted on January 9th was utterly and completely wonderful. I am ready to see more. MORE PLEASE, Anne!

Kristen of Chasing the Light, I am so very jealous of that lovely collection of REAL cameras you displayed for us on January 8th. Oh to have the real equipment again. For now though, I am stuck being one of those “iPhonographers” you speak of. I look forward to seeing more examples of your work.

Homemadewithmess posted a screen-licking recipe and photos of the perfect winter fare – Bacon and Wild Mushroom Creamy Pasta Bake on January 8th. Can I come live in your basement and eat your food? PLEASE?! 😉

To April, a friend of mine who recently set herself up for a Year of Challenges, I will be following you closely. We both have challenges to face this year. It’s wonderful to have a partner in crime, so to speak. Keep up the wonderful journey, my friend. We CAN and WILL do this!

And to Dana Fashina who runs the I’ve Got Cake blog, your awesome style and raw wit (even in the wind) always keeps me entertained and wanting more. Can’t wait to see what you’re wearing and cooking next.

Thanks everyone for allowing me to be part of your online story.

Love, Lola


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