Why the best job in the world is being a mother

mom rocks

In this digital age, we typically don’t expect too much in the mailbox, except for bills and mostly junk mail. However, every now and again, the postal service has a sweet surprise.

I was feeling a tad down this morning because I was in the midst of preparing my final invoice for my last employer. Worrying about money, life, how to sell my art, etc. But lo and behold, that little white truck pulled up to my house and left this small but oh-so-significant package from my daughter Harmonie.

Inside that package was a photo scrapbook she had compiled entitled “Why My Mom Rocks.” A better pick-me-up you could never find. I love my baby girls so much. They always seem to know when I need a boost.

I love you Harmonie and Melodie! You are the light of my life!

Love, Lola


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