Creative Challenge Indeed! Branches Episode 3

I’ve already reached my 2 per month goal for January, so I am hard at work on a MAJOR project which I’m sure you are all aware of….Branches.

branches 003She started her life about 6 months ago as a sketch idea. Thanks to that OTHER job I USED to have, she was quickly forgotten. Until I found her once more.

Now she’s taking on a life of her own and this piece will most likely take me at least 3 months to finish. Just look at the list of art supplies I need for this beauty:

1. Foam core board (WITH an original collage)
2. New blades for my X-Acto
3. Spray adhesive AND fixative (damn smudges)
4. Hole punch in the shape of…I will let you figure out what shape I need.
5. Black shadowbox frame of a rather largish size….at least 18″ width….AT LEAST
6. Stick pins
7. Patience and a lot of true grit.

I may have left a few things off this list, but you get the jist. May have bit off more than I can chew on this one, but this is my year of challenge, so I will prevail.

This may wind up being one of those pieces I either fall out of love with and give up, or one of those rare divine masterpieces I could never part with. My walls are full of those. Why can I never part with certain pieces?

Oh…to explain the stuff in this pic…

I was in search of my old self-healing cutting mat and came across my supplies from art school back in the day. What fun!

Love, Lola


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