Fast Food Crap – Taco Bell Cap’n Crunch Donut Holes (GROSS)


Seriously. Why do these fast food companies keep coming up with these terrible things? I feel sorry for anyone who would eat this crapshitgrossness.

Read on at your own peril.

Image above courtesy FoodBeast

Love, Lola


Call Me Abby Normal

i cant adult today

It’s Friday. I should be in a better mood.

Dreams/Desires: Nothing spectacular, just a job at home and knowing I can pay my bills without having to go outside. That and a pizza or a big, fat taco. Maybe a shot of tequila or two to warm me up. Perhaps.

Hormones: Plenty. I really hate being at that in between time in a woman’s life. Perimenopause and Aunt Flo all at the same time. Yeah, my hormones are raging.

Anger: At bay for the moment. But I could be coerced into a small fit by a few small things. UPDATE: Now I’m pissed. Live long and prosper, Mr. Nimoy.

Sadness: Meh. See above

Apathy: Yeah, maybe. I just don’t seem to care about shit anymore. I get the dinner cooked. I get the dishes and laundry done as needed. Have I been in the same nightgown for 2 days? Yes.

Put all these things together and I guess you could say I’m a big wreck of a human today. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Maybe not. I’m getting really sick of this shit. And fast.

Love, Lola

Rare Roman Tombstone Found In Cirencester

roman tombstone

BBC News revealed an incredible new find on Wednesday (Feb. 25) – a Roman headstone which is the “first of its kind unearthed in the UK.”

Found still in place on the site of former Bridges Garage in Cirencester, the tombstone bears the inscription “D.M. BODICACIA CONIUNX VIXIT ANNO S XXVII.” Neil Holbrook, of Cotswold Archaeology, translated the inscription, which reads: “To the spirit of the departed Bodica [or Bodicaca], wife, lived for 27 years.”

Skeletal remains, including the skull, are now being excavated from beneath the headstone.

Read the BBC News article here for more information.

Image Above Credit: Cotswold Archaeology

Edible Coffee Cups Coming To British KFC Stores

KFC coffee cup

Drink up then eat up? Well, yes, if you’re lucky enough to find a KFC in Britain that will soon be testing the product.

Dubbed the ‘Scoff-ee cup,’ the edible container is “made from biscuit, wrapped in sugar paper and lined with a layer of glorious white chocolate. It keeps the coffee hot and the cup crispy,” reports Alison Lynch for

“The chocolate lining,” according to Stephanie Strom of The New York Times, “will melt and soften the crisp wafer in the same way that a biscotti softens when dipped in coffee.”

Designed in partnership with experimental food experts The Robin Collective, the cups are also infused with scents which are said to help improve your mood. What scents you ask? According to Anthony Domanico of CNET, they include scents such as coconut sun cream, freshly cut grass and wildflowers.

When asked about the scents, a spokesperson for The Robin Collective told Lynch that “These scents were used in our recipes as they have a natural ability to evoke the positive memories we associate with warm weather, sunshine and summer holidays. Things that make everyone smile.”

The name doesn’t really fit the product – they could have come up with something which people wouldn’t ‘scoff’ at – but the actual product does sound like a tasty treat. Who doesn’t like a dose of sugar and chocolate with their morning cup o’ joe?

Bring on the sugar rush – and make mine a double!

Image Above Credit: KFC