Death by Cat – The Branches Saga is OVER

branches 009

DAMNIT! I regret to inform you that “Branches” has died. (This pic is from before. I just can’t bring myself to take photos of the dead.)

Was working on the collage the last few days and since nothing was glued down yet, I had to leave it all flat on the kitchen counter. Guess what. Never EVER leave stuff like that out when you’ve got cats. Caught Little Bit happily munching away on her branches this morning…for the 2nd time. The first time caused a few mere scratches to her face (totally fixable). This time it was several branches ripped off and eaten alive. I can’t even find them to try and glue them back. It’s like LB ate her brains for breakfast.


Setback? Yes. Angry? Yes. My fault in the end? Hell yes.

Friggin cats. Guess I’ll have to start her over again. At least I’ve got something I can begin to use as a template. And perhaps I can fix a few areas I wasn’t really happy with. :: sigh ::

Love, Lola


8 thoughts on “Death by Cat – The Branches Saga is OVER

  1. I can totally relate. All projects seem to include the help of my feline buddies whether I want or need the help! I’m working on a project today—lamp, fabric and hot glue. Wish me luck. I will post this week if said kitties don’t kill the project! Hahahahahaha. All the best to your project. Please do it again. It looks beautiful. Best, Kimmie.

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    1. Same here. Just about every piece of artwork I do has feline fur in it somewhere. Thanks for the best wishes. And rest assured, I will be bringing her back in some form or fashion. Just this iteration is dead.


      1. I have a kitty that pulls the string as I am sewing on my machine. If I toss her a bobbin she chases it and that buys me some time! I have tricks up my sleeve for each kitty. Never a dull moment, that’s for sure!

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      2. I have one that tries to eat everything. One that wants to sleep constantly in my collage cutouts basket, and another that has to lick on and dig at and make a mess out of my piles of to-do stuff. The boy cats however don’t care about any of it. Just the naughty girls. Hard to be creative when you’ve got to chase furkids around, but we manage somehow, don’t we? 😉


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