Toys we should have had growing up but didn’t…



We had our fair share of fun and games growing up in the 70s, but nothing like this!


This Cute Dinosaur Can Connect To IBM’s Watson And Help Your Child Learn

A new Kickstarter project launched by Elemental Path is causing quite a buzz on the internet lately.

Meet CogniToys, which are billed as Internet-connected smart toys that learn and grow with your child. According to the developers, they are engaging, interactive toys which are brought to life with speech and a personality.

As stated on the project’s Kickstarter page:

“We have created the first truly ‘connected’ toy that is able to reach out to our cloud platform and give back an age appropriate, personalized response to each utterance. We have developed an extremely robust platform that allows this to happen and will continue to evolve long after the first rewards are shipped. As more children use the platform the toy will continue to evolve and the better the experience will become. As we proceed, we will identify even better sources of content and continue to create updates that are fun and educational.”

The project began a year ago when the creators entered the IBM Watson Mobile App Developer Challenge with a unique concept: a toy that could learn and grow with a child. Out of hundreds of entries, the team at Elemental was honored with the title of Grand Prize Winners in The Challenge.

As of press time, the project has already surpassed its goals with 1,117 backers and a total of $127,891. There are several pledge packages available. Our favorite? For the cost of $25, supporters will become an answer, which means when the toy is asked “Who made you,” your name will be part of the answer. For those with more cash to pledge there are several higher-end packages to choose from.

Image Credit: Elemental Path



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