Texas Weather – Mother Nature’s Little Practical Joke

snowA friend posted the following on Facebook and I couldn’t agree more:

“I’m pretty sure it’s the end of the world. When I got up this morning, it was sleeting. It was snowing when I got to work. And now, there’s this big orange ball in a blue sky and it’s making me squint and I’m terrified. It’s not going to fall, is it? And what is this blue sky? Isn’t it supposed to be grey? *bites nails*”

She’s very funny, you see. But it does ring true…humor or not.

It was sleeting heavily when I woke up this morning to let the cats decide whether or not they wanted to go outside. Definite “no” on their part. Quickly turned to snow as soon as daylight came around. BIG FAT FLUFFY FLAKES even! And yes, the sun has come out now and it looks like Spring again. From the looks of it you wouldn’t even know it snowed this morning.

At least I got to see snow this Winter. But it would have been wonderful to have it stick to the ground for a few days. I might have even been tempted to go play in the white stuff for a few moments :: sigh ::

A few more cold days, then a few warm days, then a few more cold days. More rain. Up, down, up, down. Weeeeee!

Love, Lola


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