Call Me Abby Normal

i cant adult today

It’s Friday. I should be in a better mood.

Dreams/Desires: Nothing spectacular, just a job at home and knowing I can pay my bills without having to go outside. That and a pizza or a big, fat taco. Maybe a shot of tequila or two to warm me up. Perhaps.

Hormones: Plenty. I really hate being at that in between time in a woman’s life. Perimenopause and Aunt Flo all at the same time. Yeah, my hormones are raging.

Anger: At bay for the moment. But I could be coerced into a small fit by a few small things. UPDATE: Now I’m pissed. Live long and prosper, Mr. Nimoy.

Sadness: Meh. See above

Apathy: Yeah, maybe. I just don’t seem to care about shit anymore. I get the dinner cooked. I get the dishes and laundry done as needed. Have I been in the same nightgown for 2 days? Yes.

Put all these things together and I guess you could say I’m a big wreck of a human today. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Maybe not. I’m getting really sick of this shit. And fast.

Love, Lola


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