On the Death of Gigaom…

Bugger, bugger BUGGER!

When I was working for Assholes, Inc., we used Gigaom as a source for our tech news quite often. It’s sad to see them shut their doors. I’m sure Assholes, Inc. is on the same downward spiral. It seems that a lot of news sites are going under. One reason comes to mind. The Internet is being flooded by useless, stupid, and downright incorrect news. And thanks to Twitter, Facebook, etc., our brains just can’t handle more than 5 seconds on one subject, unless it’s cat videos. I hope I’m wrong about the state of things in the news world. I really, REALLY do.

Official word from Gigaom

Tech news site GigaOM is closing its doors – Business Insider

Tech Blog GigaOm Abruptly Shuts Down – The New York Times

“Goodnight, Sweetheart”: Pioneering Tech Blog Gigaom Closes Down – Re/Code


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