Music to Your Cat’s Ears?


Have you ever wondered if you cat is a music lover or shares your appreciation for heavy metal or classical music?

If your cats are like mine, they tend to ignore most of my music, and the television holds no appeal to them either. The only thing close is when I whistle the theme song to Bridge Over the River Kwai. And for some reason, it’s the tabbies who can’t get enough of it.

My dog, a Chihuahua, also ignores all music and television, except for the operatic commercial for J.G. Wentworth, which sends him into thinking he’s supposed to be part of the company and therefore starts singing through the entire thing.

I’ve always wondered if animals shared our love of all things music. And now researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have stepped in get a handle on this very question, at least for cats.

Read on to find out more.

A direct link to a sampling of the music created during this study, follow this link.


4 thoughts on “Music to Your Cat’s Ears?

  1. My chihuahua LOVES music. Especially ballads. She will lean her head toward the music and get this melancholic expression. She also loves it when people sing to her. She pays attention to TV only when there is a song she likes playing.

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    1. Don’t you just love Chihuahuas? Wally ONLY likes the JG Wentworth commercial. I’ve got a video somewhere where he’s singing to himself singing to himself singing to the commercial LOL. I just can’t seem to get my cats interested in anything. They must all be haters 😉

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      1. Cats are very refined. They are “beyond” a lot of things “lesser mortals.” XD LOL. Wally sounds like he’s adorable. If he ever needs a date on Friday let my girl know. 😛

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      2. Ha! That sounds so much like my cats. Wally’s a pill, but he’s my pill and I love him. Tiny little monster. He has a girlfriend already, but she cheated on him and is now pregnant by a weenie/corgi mix. Darn slutty pooch. 😉


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