Living Vicariously Through Others – Tamed By Wolves


Even though I may be facing some tough times ahead and depression seems to be getting the better of me lately, I can still beam with happiness at the things others do when they put their minds to having the time of their lives.

My daughter and son-in-law spent the weekend in Colorado at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center. Looks like the wolves were taming them actually. 😉

wolves 2

Wolf and whale conservation (and wildlife in general) is something they both hold very dear to their hearts. Both of my daughters do really, although the other has a real soft spot for bats – which are so very cute in my humble opinion. Makes me so very proud of the whole posse.

Love, Lola

PS…I still may have to cancel cable and internet today. Depends on what the company has to say about taking my bill down from $300 a month to something a bit more manageable for someone in my position. They’re not known for the charitable kindness though, so I really have no positivity that things will go my way. We’ll see.


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