Burger King Perfume – A Chance To Eat Your Burger And Wear It Too

Credit: Burger King Japan
Credit: Burger King Japan

An early April Fool’s Day joke, or can this shit actually be real?

Burger King Japan is advertising a new fragrance – Flame-Grilled – to be made available only in Japan on April 1st, which the burger titan has also petitioned to be named ‘Whopper Day’.

While there is no indication as to what the fragrance will actually smell like, one can certainly imagine all sorts of things.

Credit: Burger King Japan
Credit: Burger King Japan

I’m not sure smelling like fast food would be advisable if you’re around hungry teenagers and college students. I certainly wouldn’t want to smell like I’ve just rolled around the kitchen floor of the local burger joint. Nasty!

The Japanese firm has also released a video to go along with the announcement.

According to Tricia Gilbride of Mashable, this isn’t Burger King’s first foray into trying to make us smell better (or worse).

“In 2008, the fine restaurant released a cologne called Flame,” Gilbride writes. “Flame, which has since been discontinued, was available online and at Ricky’s stores in New York City.”

So hoax or not, we all just have to wait and see. In the meantime, I’ll stick with Chanel.

This post written by myself can also be found at steamregister.com, to which I am a contributor.


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