Wet Paper

wet paper

Making paper is HARD! I tried the pulp method a second time. GLOP and GOOP! Too thick. Last time it was too thin.

I feel like that person who can debone a duck, but can’t seem to boil a damned egg.

I did figure out that my Bullet blender speeds through the pulping process much better than the hand blender. Dumped the whole mess into the trash and started again. But this time, I added more liquid starch and DIDNT blend.

Trust me. There is a method to my madness since this “paper” will be used in collages. I guess by not pulping I’m removing one hell of a messy step. I’ll of course keep trying the pulp method, but for now I’ve got this piece drying. Little tiny torn bits of color. Love the frayed edges look.

Love, Lola


4 thoughts on “Wet Paper

  1. Lola: I teach recycled paper making with my students as an environmental educator. We made a video here (it’s 8 minutes, but if you fastforward you can get an idea of the process):

    The paper is usually a little more like cardstock, but would be good for collaging.

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