Stubbed Toe, Branches Redux and Tomatoes

branches redux 001

Some of you may remember the project I was working on called “Branches.” And you’ll also remember that she wound up being eaten by one of the cats.

Well, I was out in the garage earlier this morning – barefoot and in the dark like a stupid girl – and I stubbed my pinky toe on the firewood bin. OUCH! But sometimes you just need a little jolt to get the old creative juices flowing.

After making the eeks and ouchies noises quietly so as not to wake the vacationing male in my house, the light bulb popped up over my head. Bright and insistent. Clear as a bell.

At this point I remembered my wonderful mother mentioning to me a while back that it would be cool with REAL branches instead. At the time, I filed it away for future reference, seeing as how I was already knee deep in the first version.

But that one tiny stubbed toe and a moment of clarity brought it all back in a rush.


Firewood bin, branches, twigs, bark – all those tiny pieces that always wind up at the bottom and/or all over the floor. There’s really no use for them, but I never seem to toss them out. THANK GOODNESS!

So here’s where Branches Redux enters the picture.

Now bear with me. This is NOT what the piece will look like in the end. Not in the least. This is merely a structure with which to build upon. Now my fingers are tender from dealing with hot glue, but my Muse is in overdrive. Perhaps between cooking, cleaning, working, etc., my weekend will be filled with fun and creativity, and PERHAPS it will be done by Sunday or Monday.

Must crack the whip on myself because I’m really interested to see how this 3D piece will turn out…or if another cat will get hungry midway through.

During all that, I have set another goal for myself. That goal is to GO OUTSIDE and DO SOMETHING. My father, bless his heart, was all for it.

He’ll be here in the morning with a few tomato seedlings and a shovel. We’ll be planting them in my backyard…ALL the way in the back so I have to go outside every other day and give them a good drink. Hey, if I want juicy tomatoes for sauce or sandwiches, I might as well “Buck Up Buttercup” and face my fears. Just about anything is worth it to have homegrown tomatoes, right?!

tomatoes 001

Love, Lola


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