Branches Redux Complete – My Paper Mache Adventure

branches redux 006It’s finally finished! All I really need now is to finish it off with a nice, thick coat of lacquer. After all is said and done, I’m thoroughly in love with this technique. I wish I had a HUGE canvas to do another sculpted piece.

Here’s the piece step-by-step…

branches redux 001I started with an 11″ x 14″ blank, stretched canvas. I found a bunch of branches and bark in my firewood bin which would have otherwise been thrown away before the start of next winter. I affixed those pieces to the canvas with a low-temp hot glue gun. Took a while as I had to hold each small piece down while they dried.

branches redux 002First coat of paper mache went on. I used pages from a water damaged book (Extraterrestrial Civilizations by Isaac Asimov). After that layer dried, I then had to do a second layer and fix a few empty spots to make it look more like a real tree.

branches redux 003After that layer dried, I noticed I still had some empty patches that needed filling/sculpting.

branches redux 004Once fixed, I started adding tiny bits of torn magazines to the trunk of the tree. Still using the same paper mache paste. Talk about MESSY…but it was a blast.

branches redux 005Here it is in it’s natural habitat. 😉

branches redux 006And then, of course, the final again.

Now, here’s what you want to do to make your own paper mache paste. I found the recipe here. Works great! No muss, no fuss, easy cleanup. Now get to it! See what you can create!

Love, Lola


9 thoughts on “Branches Redux Complete – My Paper Mache Adventure

    1. No way! I did some of my best work back in the 7th grade. My art teacher was Mrs. Chandler…and I loved her. She always had the most interesting projects for us to do. One time she even brought a Japanese artist in to teach us wood block printing. What a year that was!

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    UPDATE: I think I have found a home for this piece. The Cameron Public Library. I only wish it was much bigger. It will be used as a touch and feel piece for the kids who visit the library. What fun! And I’m formulating a plan for the next piece in this series already. YAY!


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