Busting the “crazy cat lady” stereotype wide open

King Leo is not amused.
King Leo is not amused.

I have cats. There. I said it. And I love them one and all. They each have their own story, their own personality, and their own quirks. But they all love me unequivocally, unabashedly, and without pretense. Granted, they are big shedding balls of “F you lady for not letting me out or giving me food RIGHT THIS MINUTE.” Cats are like that. But sure enough, give them what they want and when they want, you’ve got a best friend for life. The kind of friend who reminds you with a paw to the nose that it’s time to rise and shine. The kind of friend who will bring you half dead critters, or even share their newest lovely piece of yacked up hair (you now, right where you’ll find it in the middle of the night…in the dark…with your bare feet).

That being said, nearly every one of my friends and family has at one point in time posted those damn crazy cat lady memes to my Facebook news feed. You know the ones. Don’t you? If not, here’s a few samples.

cat lady 1cat lady 2cat lady 3

Here’s the thing. I may have 5 cats. I may be a lady. And sometimes I may be crazy. But in no way does that make me a “crazy cat lady.” Apparently, Julia Baird of the New York Times agrees with me. Read her latest op/ed – “Stand Up for Your Cats” – here.

And after that, go adopt more cats! They’re like potato chips, you can never have just one.

This post written by myself can also be found at steamregister.com, to which I am a contributor.


4 thoughts on “Busting the “crazy cat lady” stereotype wide open

  1. Love the editorial! We’re limited to one because she doesn’t play well with others. There are also restrictions on numbers where we live. So she is a very spoiled princess. Our neighbors think we’re crazy because she has her own heated indoor bed. I don’t trust people who hate cats.

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