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Never Stop Exploring

Today, I was cruising around Twitter when I came across the most beautiful picture of the Maldives on Nicole LeBarges’ My Travel Wildlife.  Now, I haven’t really heard of the Maldives since my daughter did a report on them in fourth grade, and she’s currently a college jr.

Image Credit: Image Credit:

I started Googling, thinking that I love beaches and maybe I could find my way there. Imagine my surprise when the first thing to come up wasn’t more beautiful beaches, but a story from The Express, dated TODAY, warning tourists to be careful in the Maldives.

You might think the story was about a rash of burglaries, or some airport scam happening.  That’s what I thought at first too.  Instead the story was about which resorts participate in human rights abuses. Whoa!

That got me thinking, what is an ethical traveler and should we strive to be…

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