Rude awakenings and shit like that

A little sneak peek at what I'm up to now. Meet Stuart.
A little sneak peek at what I’m up to now. Meet Stuart.

Woke at 4am this morning to loud banging on my front door and my iPhone ringing at the same time. The Man apparently forgot to grab his work hat and keys..and of course he had locked the door on his way out like a good, protective man should. I hurled the door open naked, handed him the forgotten items and gave him a scowl I probably shouldn’t have sent him to work with. His day was obviously off to a shitty start, and my “go fuck yourself” look probably didn’t help matters. It’s bad enough to have to be at work that early on a Sunday without having your significant other giving you an “eat shit and die because you woke me up” look. At least he got to see me naked. I only hope the neighbors were not looking because I apparently forgot to close a few of the curtains last night before going to bed. Look at the nekkid 40-something with saggy boobs! Woohoo!

I will apologize to him when he gets home, of course. Maybe flash him my cotton balls. He calls my tiny ass cheeks “cotton balls.” Sometimes I’ll wear these itty bitty shorts to show them off when he’s having a bad day, even though my body is nothing to write home about. It’s the little things that count when you’re in a relationship with a teenager trapped in a 40-something-year-old body.

I did my best to try to fall back asleep, but the cats refused. “Hey lady! You’re already awake, so how’s about some damn food!” Punk’s the ringleader, and her sharp claws on my nose usually mean there’s no resisting it. Out of bed, you lazy-head!

Anywho, I got some work done early (uploads/checking analytics/SEO/crap of that nature). Then I stared at “Being” sitting on the easel until I found my hammer and a nail and went on the hunt for some empty wall space. As all artists know, wall space can be hard to find when you’re on a roll. Time to rethink the hallway art gallery arrangement I guess, and move some pieces around in the living room. 3 new pieces hung within 2 weeks, and I’ve just started on a 4th…with a 5th already planned as well. At this rate I may need to send my Art Posse back to the store for more supplies. Only one empty canvas left and my paint pots are running low.

I suppose I’ll head out to the garden soon and talk to my babies for a bit. This gardening thing has actually been great because it forces me to go out once a day (Thanks, Dad!). And lately I’ve even gone out in the front yard a few times to stare at the roses growing on the front of the house. Oooo! And I also walked to the curb on Thursday afternoon and brought the empty trash can back up to the house…by myself! PROGRESS!

But for now, back to painting!

Love, Lola


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