Shades of Stuart

Stuart 2

Here’s Stuart in his Monday clothes. He’s going for that rusty metal grunge look today. Here he is yesterday, in his best Sunday suit.

I know some of you (i.e. most of you) either get annoyed by posts of art in progress or don’t give a shit. That’s cool. However, for me it’s a cathartic way of dealing with certain issues while at the same time documenting my progress on pieces which will someday need documentation (when I’m dead and famous, damnit). Think of it as a recipe of sorts. Or, if you’re so inclined, think of it as a dress rehearsal for the real thing. Whatever. Your brain, my brain – we’re all fucking weird and you know it.

And if someone could PLEASE give me some pointers on photographing art in low light with a fucking iPhone, that would be awesome.


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