One small step…

lunch box

I made it! Phew! Started getting very dizzy in Walmart, but Dad was with me and kept me engaged in the shopping, and not those evil people all around me. Got a few new blouses, shorts, overalls, cilantro and peppers for the garden, and a few new art supplies (brushes, fishing lures, etc). Oh, and a wooden cross for a project I want to make for my daughter Melodie thanks to some old theology books Dad picked up for me.

He even managed to get me in a thrift shop on the way home and OMG I’m so glad I went in! Metal lunch box, the old style. Terribly decorated, but definitely something I can clean up and make my own. Plus, it has a chain and leather handle. Perfect for lunches, makeup, art supplies…anything really.

Now it’s time to gather what’s left of my nerves and get some work done. My hands are still shaking and my legs are like jello, but I made it through my first real outside time in almost a year.


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