Weirdness, and a bit of ego

WTF is wrong with WordPress these days?! My posts used to show up in the tag reader feed thingie (whatever you call it…I’m no expert). Now nothing shows up. You know, you post something tagged “Art” and then you can click on that in the reader and go to a listing of similar posts in chronological order…newest to oldest…so you can find like-minded people with similar interests to share things with.

I don’t know about you, but I feel my posts are worthy of reading. Worthy of being shared with the public if they’re so inclined to click “read original” like I do – a lot. I love finding new people. But how in the hellfire fuck are they going to find me now?!

Sounds a bit narcissistic, but I don’t give a shit. All I know is that there are no longer new people coming in to be part of my weird-but-mostly-boring world. I’m not here to be a wallflower. I’m here to shine and blossom. I want to shine and blossom. I love my “inner circle of friends” from the early days – you know who you are, you lovely people – but Lola always desires fresh meat. Seeing as I’m pretty much limited in being able to actually go out and have face-to-face interaction with people, it’s nice to have cyberpals to chat with.

Am I being punished by WP for not paying money for the premium service? Is that it? Is there some kind of hidden trial where you only get so much air time for free and then they treat you like the back page?

Oh well, just me ranting a bit.


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