Garden progress on May Day

spring garden 050115 1

While I wasn’t naked, I did get my garden on this afternoon. Planted some new jalapeno plants and a new cilantro seedling. Everything is doing well so far so I must be doing something right. I love stepping out every day and seeing that my tomatoes are plumper than the day before. Once I was done planting, I turned on the water and WOOSH! Birds from everywhere wanting a drink. Pure natural harmony. See more pics…

spring garden 050115 5 spring garden 050115 4 spring garden 050115 3 spring garden 050115 2


6 thoughts on “Garden progress on May Day

  1. The average age of gardeners indicates that we really ought to stay clothed. I have spent the day in the garden fully clothed. Although I left my hat off, this was due to the overcast day rather than a desire to expose my flesh to ridicule.

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      1. My last house had a huge wild rose bush growing out front. The roses were so tiny and pink, and they were everywhere. That’s the only thing I miss about that house. But luckily in my neighborhood (I only moved three blocks away) there are roses in front of every house. All shades and varieties. If I were a brave soul, I would go on a midnight cutting spree through the hood LOL


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