Shake, rattle and roll…sorta

Fracking folks. Yes. Fracking. I hate it. Here in Texas (especially north of here) they do a lot of it. Therefore the surrounding areas experience quite a few minor earthquakes all the time. Yesterday though, I FELT IT. Not that it scared me or anything. I didn’t even know what it was. I thought it was target practice at Ft Hood again, or a train coming. I mean really, Ft Hood tank target practice COMPLETELY pisses my house off, over and over again, and I live 30-40 miles from there. Winters, when it’s cold, are especially difficult when they start banging.

Went back to my movie and went on ahead with my usual evening activities – beer, beef, and boob tube. A little while later, I see on my local news channel’s FB page that there was a 4.0 at almost 6pm. Right about the time I heard some rumbles. Venus, TX is about 150+ miles from me. I guess because I attributed it to something so familiar, it didn’t even phase me. I did notice my dog get slightly jumpy, but he’s a mean old man and prone to bouts of asshattery anyway.

I did get a knock on my door about 7pm from a nice family who lives down the street from me. I know them all too well because they’re sweet little poochy boy is always escaping and running down to my house. Apparently he bolted again; my guess is the tiny quake. You know animals feel that shit coming, right? Guess I will force myself to go walkabout a little when the sun comes up. He always comes to me when he sees me. My hope, however, is that he came home.

Anyway, the gist of the post is this…I felt my first earthquake, and it was nothing to write home about. Meh. Could have been the opposite. Glad it went down the way it did.


4 thoughts on “Shake, rattle and roll…sorta

  1. You guys have had it tuff in Texas and in Oklahoma. I think I told you I was born in Dallas and still have a sister living there. How are you doing with all the flooding and the like? Hope you guys are really okay.

    Sorry for the “shooting gallery” you live close to and the fracking. That’s life in Texas, at least in some parts of it. My dad and mom wanted out so bad, they left when I was only two yrs. old. Been in Cali. ever since. Despite what people may think, other than the weather, California is a lousy place to live…my opinion…

    Anyway, have a great day, Lola, and keep your head down low! (stray bullets)!!


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    1. Rain has stopped and we’re in true summer now. Skies are blue. Clouds are puffy. And I don’t live near the “shooting gallery” parts of Texas. I live in a tiny town where most crimes are petty theft and bitch fights. LOL

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      1. Well…alright then! It’s strange that you hear that gun fire 30-40 miles away though.

        Although, it’s a way of life all day and night in LA! I live about 100 miles from there, but those folks hear and see it all the time…

        S 🙂

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