Shitty beards, Tetris and Pantone beer

I try not to self-promote the working side of my life too much. Although I do try to post my favorite stuff on here a few times a week. Look, the more clicks and reads I get over at STEAM Register (currently volunteer-only work), the sooner monetization happens and the sooner I can get out of the poor house. To that end, we’ve (read “I’ve”) started compiling our team’s top five favorite posts/articles for each week.

This week is the second weekly post, so I’m still figuring out the format (if it’s clunky let me know).

If you’re so inclined, please click on over and give it a read. Our site does have ads, BUT NOT those click bait all over the damn place types of thing. We prefer to focus more on content than flashy, annoying ads. But those ads to feed the site and keep it online…and will eventually pay me for all the long hours I put in 7 days a week.

This week’s post covers what the title suggests, and a few more tidbits as well. All five on one page – you only have to click through if you’re interested in reading further about one of the topics. I promise it will be painless, and perhaps even fun for you.



7 thoughts on “Shitty beards, Tetris and Pantone beer

    1. Haha! Awesome! I’m on the fence about beards. Never really liked them, but I figure to each his own. If I can shave my head into a mohawk at my age, then any man on earth can feel free to do what he wants with his own body hair. 🙂


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