Triggers – Tornado Season


It’s that time of year again. Time for yet another panic-inducing, hand-wringing, pulse pounding trigger for me. Spring. While this is my favorite season of the year, the month or two near the end when spring transitions into summer is a terrible time for me. Tornado season. Don’t get me wrong. I love love LOVE thunderstorms – rain, thunder, lightning. Those things mean rebirth and growth to me. However, living in Central Texas, it also means high winds and the possibility of tornadoes.

I’ve been doing fine so far. Most of the threats have remained well north of us – Oklahoma and surrounding states. I see reports of tornadoes, but if they’re nowhere near to me, I feel bad for those towns/areas and move on. I grieve for their losses, but the panic is not there. Does that sound callous? I sure hope not. It’s an awful thing to see, but it’s not close to home. Know what I mean?

tornado van texas 2 tornado van texas
But yesterday, a small town about 200 miles from my home was hit by a devastating tornado. 10-11 people are still missing in Van, Texas, and I believe so far there has been 1 reported death (possibly 2 depending on your news source of choice). Here’s a live feed from a Dallas news station. That number could grow. I’m hoping it won’t. Please don’t let anyone else die! I’ve been seeing the live reports on and off all morning come across my television (which is my almost-constant companion – more so during bad weather time). To chance being cliché – it really does look like a war zone.

This, my friends, is when Lola gets zapped by her brain – BIG TIME:

Is there a tornado coming?
Have I told my parents and kids I love them enough?
What if they’re coming for me?
What if my house is next?
Am I going to die?
Where will I go when the wind picks up?
Will I be able to grab all my pets and keep them from flying into oblivion?
What if I lose my house?
What if the power goes out for days?
Do I have batteries for my flashlights?
Are my devices fully charged?

This happens every year. Every single damn year!

I’ve been through a few tornadoes, and a few REALLY bad hurricanes (which is one reason I moved from Houston out into the Hill Country). After Hurricane Ike, I realized my sanity could no longer take waiting for yet another major event like that. Below are some photos from that time. I realize I suffered much less than some, but it was still a terrible night for me, in the dark listening to trees crack and go whizzing past my boarded-up bedroom window. Knowing full well that I could die at any moment. I literally almost lost my mind. I think I would have if The Man wouldn’t have insisted on me reading aloud to him from one of my Redwall series books by candlelight. I think that really helped me. And I know it helped him as well.

TRUTH: The Redwall series has saved my brain on numerous occasions. If you’re ever stressed or panicked, read one. Trust me. Swashbuckling mice, mothering yet mean badgers and knightly squirrels will always do the trick.

As I write this, I’m seeing some awful weather up north of Houston. Bad stuff on the radar. I know so many people there. I’m scared for them. My panic at this very moment is for them.

Is there a tornado coming?
Have they told their parents and kids they love them enough?
What if their house is next?
Are they going to die?
Where will they go when the wind picks up?
Will their pets be okay?
What if they lose their house?
What if the power goes out for days?
Do they have batteries and food?
Are their devices fully charged?
Will I ever hear from them again?

It’s very dark here. Raining a little. Nothing for me to be panicked over at all. But still, the panic is there. Maybe I should try to finish those two paintings I started yesterday. But still, the threat is there. I can’t stop watching. And I can’t stop the panic.

ike 001 ike 002 ike 003


9 thoughts on “Triggers – Tornado Season

    1. I would imagine that if we lived in California, we would have those mental seismic triggers. Or if we lived in Florida or Louisiana we would have hurricane triggers. Glad to know I’m not alone in weather mania LOL


  1. Tornados are really scary as there’s not much you can do. I remember growing up in Indiana, my dad couldn’t help himself he had to be outside when it looked like one might be forming, like a bug to a bug zapper, he just couldn’t resist the lure. I get it now. Also, loved the red wall series!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey! My dad is the same way! When we were little, he would even wake us up in the middle of the night to watch lightning storms. Thankfully he’s mellowed and given up the storm chasin’ now

      Liked by 1 person

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