Starving artists

Seeing as how my day is shitty enough already, I thought I would go paint. So I went digging through my art supply stashes for a blank canvas (yes I have an entire room and 2 closets full). Guess what. Not a damn one left in the house. That’s a REAL first for me. I’ve always had canvas, since I was about 18-19 years old. Always had something readily available and at hand.

Wow. That’s an entirely new feeling. I don’t like it. – Lola Gayle

Even during the nasty artistic desert times, I’ve still always had canvas. ALWAYS. I have paper, sketchpads, paint, brushes…all that jazz. I could still do some sketching and planning. It’s weird though. Knowing I have no canvas and no money for more seems to have me stymied.

Still though. I guess I could find some inspiration in all of this. Something entirely in the not-so-traditional spectrum.

Let’s see what I have…

Masking tape
100# Strathmore Bristol 11×14 vellum
Damaged books for upcycling
Old rags

Loads to choose from.


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