I’ve always been that girl

The one that people always seem to assume comes from the wrong side of the tracks. The one who everyone looks down their noses at. The one that families hate during that first introduction. “Oh she’s not good enough for you.” It’s been a lifelong thing for me. Ups and downs, doesn’t matter. I am not that girl you want to know.

Well damnit, I am not that. I am simply something, someone, you just don’t get. Someone who has issues and problems just like you. Someone who is struggling just like you.

Sure. I may have made a few (okay, more than a few) bad decisions in my life. But look at yourself. Look at what you’ve become.

Are you happy? Does judging me help you to feel any better? Do your negative thoughts of me help you sleep at night? Probably not. But yet that’s your self-imposed reality. Thinking bad thoughts in my direction. The snub, the rub, the cold shoulder.

I may not be successful anymore. I may have my mental health issues. I may be broke and soon-to-be homeless. But I am still human. When you were down, even when you were nasty to me, did I deny you a shoulder, an ear? Did I look down from on high and deem you unworthy? No. It’s just not in my nature. I’ll always be your angel, the one in your corner, no matter what you think of me.

We’re all members of the same species. We are humans. Stop judging me and start loving me. Because I love you. I truly do.

And remember this. No matter how you treat me, I will always be in your corner. You are all members of my tribe. And sometimes all we need is to know we are loved.


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