When two become one

two in oneI was mucking about between Pine-Sol coats on the kitchen floor, listening to news about the biker gang shutting down the city of Waco, and thinking “what if.”

So I turned to my left and saw the remnants of the last 7 days. 2 paintings: one tiny, one large, and both eerily similar. I had them sitting on the floor because they hadn’t earned a spot on the walls yet. Wall space. Yeah. When you’re an artist, you have none.

Put them on the floor. Turned my head sideways. Stacked them up. DAMN! I don’t care what anyone says. I love the two together. Except for the tiny one has kinda been promised in exchange for a hand painted iPhone cover. Decisions decisions.

And then there’s figuring out how to attach the two for eternity. Formal ceremony or civil? LOL


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