Husband Abuse – Apparently I may be “that woman”

OMG! I saw this and was floored. Is this what I’ve been doing to my man all these years. I’m always treating him like a 14 year old child, inept and useless and NEVER doing things right. But is HE really at fault? Or am I just unloading all my crap and insecurities onto his broad shoulders? Oh I feel so bad. I’m going to have to stop. He’s a strong, capable man who just so happens to not be good at certain things that really don’t and shouldn’t matter. So what. There are so many things he can do that I can’t (or shouldn’t). I need to learn to love him at face value, quit nagging and harping on him for those things he’s not so good at, and love him because he is WHO he is, not what he can do. How would I feel if the roles were changed? Not very good, that’s for sure.

LINK: Woman Realizes That She’s Been Accidentally Abusing Her Husband This Whole Time

NOTE: The original source for this on Reddit has been deleted, and I’ve seen a few iterations after performing a Google search. But they’re all pretty much the same.

:: sigh :: I am an evil and terrible woman.


3 thoughts on “Husband Abuse – Apparently I may be “that woman”

  1. You’re kidding, right?
    I can see your point, in some ways, but that article is being painted in a very lopsided way.
    In reality, you would have told him exactly what sort to get, (probably a hundred and nine times ever, and several times on that particular day) and he didn’t get it cos he WASN’T LISTENING.
    Don’t listen to these people trying to make you feel guilty.
    Men don’t listen. They half listen to everything you say, because they ARE fourteen year olds. That is that.

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    1. I really do treat my man badly sometimes. Trust me. This link was just one example of one person’s story. I saw similarities in my own behavior. Let’s face it, men can be annoying. That’s a fact! But nagging and fussing won’t help. He was just as annoying the day I met him 8 years ago. Can’t expect him to change. I picked him that way LOL 😉

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