A Short-term Cure for Gypsy Feet

This is something I plan to do one day, when I can get over my fear of outside places. This blog is by my good friend April. She’s a seasoned geocaching adventurer and I know that one day she will teach me all the ways of finding the stash. 🙂

Never Stop Exploring

When you can’t travel and the itch overcomes you, what do you?

I go geocaching!

The last two weeks in my part of Texas, it has been raining almost non-stop, which has caused a little cabin fever for me.  So when the weather man said only a 30% chance of rain on Sunday, I started making plans.

The Texas State Parks and Wildlife Department has created a challenge with over 80 caches spread over the state.  Before Sunday, I had found 26.  I picked out two relatively nearby state parks and set out.

Fort Boggy State Park

Fort Boggy is a relatively small (less than 2,000 acres) park just outside of Centerville, Texas.  It has a pretty lake for fishing and some great hiking trails. The TPWD folks placed three caches here, which I am not complaining about.

I might complain about the driving rain for half an hour outside…

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