Storms rolling in

stormThis video and photo are from yesterday afternoon. Nice, peaceful day and then BAM! Here’s something to trigger you, Lola! So I did what any sane/crazy person would do. I accepted the challenge and actually got a pretty decent 3 minute video. Round about the middle the wind starts trying to knock me over. LOL We lost power at this time and it stayed off for at least 3 hours. We’re still without cable and internet, but at least I’m not sitting in the dark. In for some more weather like this today.


5 thoughts on “Storms rolling in

    1. LOL The Man was beside himself with me standing out there all that time in the wind, worried about lightning. But sometimes you’ve just gotta accept Mother Nature’s dare and make it happen. 😉

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      1. If I’m honest I have tornado chasing friends and I am dying to visit them to go with them on one of those chases. I have a morbid fascination with that type of weather phenomenon. After surviving hurricane Andrew there’s hardly anything I fear anymore (concerning weather.)

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      2. I’m still triggered into panic by tornadoes. Chasing them is something I’ll leave for other brave souls. Once it got too windy for me to barely stand, it was time to go back inside.


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