A small taste of Texas weather

What we got yesterday was by no means the worst the state has seen in the last few days. Please keep reading to see all the pictures and videos and reports from the area.

Austin, DFW, Houston, San Antonio, etc. They all saw much more rainfall than we did.

I think our official total here was about 2-3 inches, and that’s on the conservative side. Houston alone saw over 10 inches in some places! Still waiting to hear from a few of my friends who live there. I feel very lucky we escaped the worst of it. We also had a few tornadoes in nearby areas. As a matter of fact our tornado sirens were going off for at least 20 minutes. Very scary indeed!

This was me yesterday…

rain tomatoes

When the tornado sirens started, I took stock of what I needed to immediately get into our home’s safe area…my gallery hallway in the middle of the house. I also gathered up all my latest artwork and planted it between a heavy chair and a wall. What really struck me as “having my priorities askew” was the fact that this is all I took to the hallway. :: sigh :: I need to get my shit straight. LOL


And here are a few short videos I was able to catch during the storm and as it was ending.

And this sad report from right down the road, near my mom and dad’s farm…

One dead, four injured in Milam County as tornadoes hit Central Texas

And this terrible tragedy on the Blanco River…

8 swept away in home on Hill Country’s Blanco River

And here’s a Google news search so you can find everything you need to know about yesterday’s terrible weather.

Please send up positive thoughts (and prayers, if that’s how you roll) for all those affected.


9 thoughts on “A small taste of Texas weather

    1. The worst of it really did skirt just to the east of us. The tornadic weather was coming directly at us, and then at the very last minute it shifted. That’s the tornado that hit in Milam County. Had it not shifted, we may have been homeless this morning.

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  1. Very familiar looking…well, kinda. I was born in Dallas; my sister still lives there. I was yanked out of the Lone Star as a kid by my daddy. He was tired of the rainy winters and humid summers. Go figure…


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      1. I know. My sister calls me about every couple of weeks just to let me know her new address. Seems it changes as she flows downstream…SMH.

        (BTW, does “KMA” mean “Kick My A**?”)

        Still in social media language school…pulling a “C-!”


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