Exciting day…

me today 003So excited, waiting impatiently. Art work for the kids’ exhibit is being picked up today for digital prints (taken by my dad) and then it’s all off to the library. My first ever exhibit and I am so proud and lucky that it’s all for the kids. I hope to provide at least a few pieces as digital prints, t-shirts, etc. soon. I’ve had numerous requests for Stuart. He seems to be the most popular piece of all (and after a coat of clear gloss, his colors are so much richer and deeper and he SHINES). Already formulating a girlfriend for him, although I’m also thinking of letting the kids dream up a few buddies for him instead. Squeeeee! Happy Lola!


11 thoughts on “Exciting day…

    1. Seems like a lot of people do. Already had several t-shirt and print requests. Guess I will need to do some research on which site to sell from. I know there are several, but would prefer one that has great customer service/loyalty/prices AND one that will pay me through PayPal.

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    1. I sure will! Paintings have left the building now. My temporary gallery walls are so bare now. Will have to get crackin’ on some more artwork to fill them back up again


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