Brushing your teeth in someone’s poop

In my latest article for, I delve deep into the “bowels” of the communal restroom. It’s gross, but you know you can’t resist.

Time for some really gross news. New research has found that, if you use a communal bathroom (like at college or even at home), chances are you’re brushing your teeth with someone else’s crap.


Click here to get the dirt – Your toothbrush is covered in someone else’s poop!.


13 thoughts on “Brushing your teeth in someone’s poop

      1. Yes! I shared it with everyone…and read it out loud to The Man. He was suitable disgusted. I could tell by the look on his face. Watcha wanna bet he throws his old brush out heehee


  1. Now that’s really crappy news! I think it’s stupid that here in California, we want to forego desalination plants to help with the drought, and purify waste water for home use instead. We have a whole freakin’ ocean at our door step, and they want to use toilet water instead!

    Wow, totally nuts!

    By the way, Good morning 🙂 !!


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