Proof I was right to leave him when I did

NOTE: Abuse triggers involved.

I married my high school sweetheart in the 11th grade, at which time I also quit school to play housewife. Of course I continued my studies later after receiving a near-perfect score on my GED (only 1 math question wrong).

A few months in, he began to beat me, most of the time for going behind his back and working odd jobs to help pay the bills. I would tell him the money came from my parents, but he would always find out somehow. Shit, he came from a wealthy family, but we lived in an apartment that was only one room and a bathroom – about 350-400 square feet. He hauled used tires for a living and we never had any money or food. But he didn’t want me to work…ever. I was expected to be the model housewife you see.

Funny how people can change that quickly. He was always caring and loving and tender when we were growing up. What a liar!

After 9 months, almost to the day, I couldn’t stand it anymore. He tried beating me once more. Well, let me tell you, I returned the favor (sound lashing to his person), left the apartment, and never looked back. Over the years I’ve heard from hometown friends and family about him. I even went to visit his mother after I was married a second time. I loved her to pieces. You divorce the spouse, but never the family if they’re good people. I gave her a picture of my infant twins and told her she could consider them honorary grandchildren. We talked for a few hours and then I had to leave. Sadly, we lost touch again though. I do miss her sweet smile and kind heart though.

But one has to wonder…How in the hell can such a lovely angelic woman raise such an awful monster. My guess it was a “man thing” in their family. Who knows.

I was reminiscing today about it being 30 years this week since my classmates graduated and how I truly missed out on an entire years worth of wonderful memories by making the stupid choices I did back then. You can’t go back, but you can still feel bad for missed milestones.

Anyway, I decided to look him up on the web. All I could find was his dad’s obituary and more than a few arrest records – domestic violence and injury to a child.

So, there you have it. I made my first GOOD decision at 18 years of age. Never beat a woman, she might beat you back.


4 thoughts on “Proof I was right to leave him when I did

  1. Was involved in an emotionally abusive marriage about 15 years ago. She was actually killing me! I Got out and we still haven’t made peace. I wanted to try because we have two children together, but they have nothing to do with me. I’m sure they got an “ear full” about me being a “bad dad!”


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      1. Amen! You know, I had a mild heart attack in the middle of that marriage. Could have been coincidence, but the stresses and years of fighting say “no” to me.

        I’ve had a healthy heart for years now, thank God Himself!

        Hoe are you today, Lola? 🙂

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