My hair and a Stuart doppelganger

Dual post because I’m in a hurry.

hairFirst, my hair. It’s getting longer and the bald days are gone. But now the grey has settled in quite nicely. Most days I just yank it all back away from my face and let my “fivehead” shine. However, I’ve been thinking about something new. No, not shaving it bald or doing another mohawk, but perhaps a cheap, temporary color. Ideas? (PS…yes, I am a freckled beast…can’t help it)

And then this. I found a miniature Stuart doppelganger. Steampunk-style. I love it!

From I believe. I got it from Steam Punk Tendencies on Facebook and they linked to that site.




9 thoughts on “My hair and a Stuart doppelganger

  1. Not sure what beauty supplies stores you have out there but I like the semi permanent color from Wella. Anything cream and in a tube can be saved for multiple applications. I think maybe one tube is $4ish with a $2 developer. I like painting my blond streaks in fiery red (level 6) — but not quite sure how well this brand covers the grays.

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    1. Did you click through to look at the guy’s collection of tiny Steampunk creatures? They’re all so fabulous. The painting is mine of course. I just love it when I come across anything similar, especially in Steampunk-style since my daughters (and my mother) are so into it.


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