Today’s Project – Homemade tomato paste FINAL

paste 002After cooking down 10 medium-sized tomatoes for 3-4 hours, straining and then cooking a little more, you get the equivalent of a small can of store bought tomato paste. Yes folks, it takes a lot of tomatoes to make a tiny bit of paste, but you’ll never be sorry for the hard work. The flavor is 1000 times richer and it doesn’t taste of BPA, preservatives or chemicals. This will be my sauce base for pasta tomorrow night. Mushrooms, carrots, ground beef, bell peppers, onions, zucchini (because I have more leftover from dad’s garden). Mmmm! Can’t wait! I would cook it now but that’s another 5-6 hours of cooking time, and I do NOT eat after 6pm at the latest…5pm if I can help it.


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