Today’s Project – Homemade tomato paste

paste 001Had at least 9-10 tomatoes left from my recent garden harvest and they were at peak ripeness. Well I can’t eat that many before they start to go bad, so it’s time for my homemade tomato paste. If you’ve been with me all along, you’ll remember I did this in December with frozen tomatoes from my dad’s garden. Freezing them whole is PERFECT by the way. As they thaw out, the skin comes right off. However, I prefer cooking down the whole tomato (seeds, skin and all) to get the maximum amount of goodness. I just strain it all out later. This is a much smaller batch then before. I had about 10-15 pounds last time…so you can imagine it took me several days to finish. Today’s should be ready for making my mushroom sauce in about 6 hours.


4 thoughts on “Today’s Project – Homemade tomato paste

    1. It’s pretty simple. But time intensive. Lot’s of waiting and then straining through a fine sieve. Mines all done now, and ready for the the sauce making to begin. Mushrooms, vegetables, meat…everything. That’s another 2-3 hours of cooking. LOL But well worth it.

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