Cobwebs in my brain

hubble paper copyI’ve been working so much lately that the creative part of my brain has cobwebs in the corners. Tried to sketch out some ideas last night, but The Man saw one and was like “WTF is that!” while making a nasty face.

Fucker. I should have thrown a sharpened pencil at his face and punched him in the throat. But, he’s The Man. And where would I be without him. Still though, fucker. That’s the worst thing you can do to an artist….tell them something sucks (unless of course you’re an artist yourself and know how to give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism). Especially when it’s just a quick idea sketch.


I think that I will make an entire piece out of it out of spite and hang it in HIS bathroom right above the toilet so he has to look at it every time he drains his lizard.


5 thoughts on “Cobwebs in my brain

    1. Never fear! I dusted me off and have been in a creative spurt ever since. 🙂 Right now I’m writing a story about Sir Bastion Elbert McLedge Needlemeyer the 5th of the Realm of Schnoon and his lost castle

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