Free range parenting

Okay. Yes. I am a survivor of free range parenting. If we came in before the street lights were lighting up, we were home early and would get our foreheads felt for a temperature. I’ve been seeing a lot of these memes on my Facebook feed lately. So I thought I would do my own, with a humorous twist of course.



8 thoughts on “Free range parenting

    1. We played outside and only came home once the streetlights came on. We walked barefoot through stickers, spent hours playing in the river by ourselves, brought home frogs and snakes, never had to check in, rode bikes without helmets, crossed busy 4-lane streets to get candy, walked for miles just to get to the downtown ice cream shop…basically did things no parent (or society) would allow these days. Of course you’re still in your prime. I’m 48 years old. Things were different back then.

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      1. That’s how mon grew up. Granted she’s from another country. News about Jimmy Ryce made headlines a few years into her settlement in Murica — and that effectively made her the worry wart she is today.

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  1. (high fives lola) Gawd, wasn’t it great?

    Also, there was camping outdoors without Purell, playing on playground equipment set directly into concrete, picking up ice creams bars off the ground and just brushing off the dirt, swimming in lakes without flotation devices, sneaking glances in Playgirl Magazine at the magazine rack at the gas station, having music class, art class, gym class, and several recesses per day in school, building treehouses and forts out of eleven different kinds of “found” materials, and stretching the 10-foot-long phone cord 15 feet down the hall and into your bedroom so you could have a private conversation.

    Then again, we also had to watch all our television sets play the National Anthem at midnight and then turn into Poltergeist static until dawn. On all four channels. (sigh)

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  2. Sweet! The street lights were my que to report home for the evening too. We had more “free-ranging parenting” in our days as kids because there weren’t so many “uglies” out there stealing, kidnapping, and/or molesting children as today.

    It did happen, but not with the frequency it does now…


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