How can you tell what a bear has been eating?

073015-grizzly bear hair

How do you ask a bear for some fur? 😉

You can get a good idea of a bear’s diet over the last few months by looking at a single hair. The new technique, which was announced this week, can be a major tool in determining if the threatened animals are getting enough of the right foods to eat, according to U.S. and Canadian researchers.

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Homemade Marinade

spice 001 copyTrying my hand at a homemade marinade spice mix. I can’t tell you everything that’s in it. That’s a secret. But I can say I ground up some of the dehydrated peppers and tomatoes from my Dad’s garden.

I used some yesterday and made a stir fry chicken with this mix. Plus I added in some rice, zucchini pasta, shaved cucumbers, carrots and onions. It was delicious! Then I made cinnamon toast sticks for dessert.

Five Elephants Slain in Kenya Yesterday

Very sad news indeed!

Norbert Haupt

While the world went abuzz with yesterday with outrage over American dentist James Palmer’s killing of a lion out of a national park, five elephants were slain in Tsavo West National Park in Kenya last night.

Elephants are far more endangered than lions, since ivory sells for as much as $1000 per pound in Asia. I can blame the poachers, but I know that the market, mostly in Asia, provides the incentive. China’s wealth makes this worse. Elephants are facing extinction. The supply of ivory will one day stop dead – when there are no more wild elephants.

That will be a sad day.

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Slaughterhouse Sweater

073015-slaughterhouse yarn 2 copy

Yarn made from gelatin could be the next big thing?!

Okay, this one was kind of weird to write about, so you know I couldn’t resist. I love me some meat, don’t get me wrong. But to WEAR something made from slaughterhouse waste just kind of grosses me out. I’ve already been rethinking my love for Jello shots, and now this?

Read on…if you dare MUHAHAHAHAHA! – Slaughterhouse Sweater: Yarn made from gelatin could be the next big thing.

I RAWR for you Cecil the Lion! #JusticeForCecil

Credit: Bryan Orford/YouTube
Credit: Bryan Orford/YouTube

I don’t often get so mad that I can literally see red. But this is one case that has me seething inside with rage.

Here I’ve included an AP article and several statements regarding this heinous act of violence against a majestic creature..

And here’s Cecil in all his glory. Nothing but a big old pussycat.

Also, I have learned that Cecil’s cubs will most likely be killed by the new dominant male in the pride. Very sad indeed, but a normal part of nature.

And here’s a previous interview from 2012 with one of the Oxford researchers responsible for tracking the lions in the area.

I understand hunting for food. It’s sport and trophy hunting I cannot stand.

Minnesota dentist accused in Cecil the lion’s death.