GUEST POST: Younique, your eyelashes, and you

The following is a guest post by my very dear friend April Flowers.

younique april 1

My name is April Flowers, and for the last five years I’ve been a freelance writer. I have edited technical manuals and test preps, I have written science articles and blogs (which is how I met the lovely Ms. Lola Gayle), written a travel blog, and been a ghostwriter for ebooks.

As you can imagine, most of that happened sitting at home wearing my ‘jammies. I didn’t do much to take care of myself, and makeup was a thing of the past.

younique april 2

What changed?

I recently moved back home and reconnected with some old friends. One of them, a beautiful lady named Christi, saw the poor condition of my skin and my lack of makeup as a challenge. So she gave me a makeover and a bag full of makeup and skin care products from a company I had never heard of.

The company is Younique , and the products are amazing!

Two weeks later, and I find myself a Presenter and hosting parties, trying to share my love of this fabulous company and their mission to Uplift, Empower and Validate women.

younique april 3

What does it matter to you?

That’s easy! I’m hosting a party and would love for you to join me! You can follow the link above to find my profile page, or the link here to find the party page . You can also find me on Facebook.

Our most famous product, and the one that catches everyone’s attention is the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes, our three step mascara that promises up to 400% increase in your lash length! Falsies in a mascara wand, really.

younique april 4

Please come join me and let me share with you the beauty that is Younique to you.


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