When dinner smiles back at you

Just had to share this. You know, sometimes during our busy lives it’s difficult to spend hours cooking a meal. Even if it’s only for 2 people, time sometimes runs thin.

corn and carnitasHere we have prepackaged/precooked pork carnitas. They were super-bland. I dressed them up with a generous helping of Jacala hot sauce, and The Man cooked them with fresh onions and bell peppers. Much better with all the custom stuff added in.

These tortillas are also store-bought. But they’re wonderful. Half corn and half flour. Trust me, the marriage of the two has made an addict out of me for sure.

The guacamole was made with garden-fresh tomatoes, onion, and cilantro. Dad donated the red onions. They’re still on the small side, but they certainly are stout and full over flavor!

The corn we got for $1….10 ears worth in fact! We’ll be eating corn for a few days I think LOL. I’m not complaining though. I love me some corn and butter!

After everything was cooked and I had made my plate, I realized that I had actually made my plate into a smiley face. My first bite was the corn. Set it back down and it looked like the smiley face was missing a few teeth. I should have gotten a picture of that, but let’s face it…I was too damn busy eating!


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